Danny & Matt: Win your wedding with Radio Aire!

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OUR JOURNEY… so far!

I remember two days after the announcement of the engagement one of Matt’s friends sent us a link to enter a competition with Radio Aire and Cash for Kids to “WIN YOUR WEDDING”, knowing the cost ahead of us we thought ‘why the hell not, what’s the worse that can happen?’ So we both entered!

We forgot all about this then on the 4th week in January I received an email saying we had been selected to go through to the next round and it was between 25 other couples! We had to meet the organizers of the event at Oulten Hall to discuss our fundraising ideas and a bit of an interview. Taking everything I have planned from Leeds LGBT+ Sport Fringe Festival, Trans Pride Leeds Sport Fringe Festival and my trip to Rwanda to help build a school….was I worried they would think I had too much on? But they liked us and within 30 minutes of leaving Oulten Hall we were told we was in the final 6.

So our task is to raise the most amount of money in the couples who are in the final (which has dropped to 5 now, due to a couple pulling out), in 18 days starting from 31st January at 9am and finishing on 18th February where we hand in the final cash raised on the last day!

Below is info of what ‘Cash for Kids’ is about and a link to their YouTube video..

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Cash for Kids is Bauer Radio’s network of local charities, which operate across 22 areas around the UK. Our mission is to respond to the needs of children in our communities, and we aspire to enable all children to live life to the full and achieve their individual potential.

Each Cash for Kids charity was established to channel the caring of the local community into the welfare of their own youngsters. We use the power of our radio brands to deliver initiatives for sick and underprivileged children in our communities, to benefit local children and give the most disadvantaged a better and brighter future.

Every year we raise millions of pounds for local children and young people who are suffering from abuse or neglect, who are disabled and have special needs or who simply need extra care or guidance.

We participate in a huge variety of fundraising events both on & off air and by encouraging individuals, groups, schools and companies to jump on board, join in the fun and offer a helping hand to disadvantaged children in their own community.

With cash raised locally each charity guarantees that the generous donations made by listeners will go towards bringing hope, healing and happiness to children in their community. All the money raised on behalf of Cash for Kids stays in the area it was raised in providing a helping hand when and where it is needed most.

Collectively Cash for Kids raised over £20 million in 2016, supporting more than 500,000 children.

Together, we can make a difference


We have quite a few events planned and lined up over the next few days from…

·       Group PT sessions in the morning and evening
·       Speed Dating while in a Group PT session, LGBT+ session and a straight session
·       Charity Date Auction
·       Bag Packing at local supermarkets
·       Schools backing us with non-uniform days
·       Collection tubs in venues in the City Centre
·       Bake Sales
·       And much more

We have been approached by two previous LGBT couples that entered and came second and third in the competition. Both Matt and myself need the support from the community to win this competition and be the first LGBT+ couple to win and we need everybody’s support to do this.

Below is the donation link and the text link. We will be able to Thank everybody personally who donate as we get the breakdown of all the donations received


or text to make a £5 donation

‘Couple5’ to 70808

Thank you all for your support X 

Danny Silk