WONDERKID - A powerful short film exploring the turmoil of a gay footballer



From director Rhys ChapmanWonderkid tackles the subject of homophobia in the world of sports, specifically soccer. It chronicles the inner turmoil of a gay professional footballer, played by Chris Mason (Broadchurch), as he strives to succeed as his true self in a hyper masculine environment. The UK short film is part of the #BEYOURSELF campaign to raise awareness about a lack of openly gay professionals in the sport.

After earning a dream move to a London Premier League club, ‘WONDERKID’ should be on top of the world. The reality? He’s faced with callous friends, a hostile changing room, vitriol-filled messages on social media and, crucially, WONDERKID’s having to deal with himself. He’s a young man making sense of his own sexuality in a world which has no history of, or appetite for, supporting gay professional footballers.

Watch the powerful short film in its entirety below.

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