Walking:Holding at Compass Festival



Walking:Holding premiere at Compass Festival, 17 November 3pm
Performance art and mobile technology converge in Walking:Holding, a meditative documentary that journeys through urban landscapes, asking questions about identity and intimacy in public space.

This film is a response to Rosana Cade’s award-winning interactive performance of the same name. The performance invites solo audience members to embark on a carefully designed route through a town whilst holding hands with a series of different local participants. It explores the experience of queer and minority identities in urban environments, and is simultaneously an experiment into what can be learnt when two strangers share an intimate moment in public.

Shot entirely on mobile phones, the film follows the performance to 6 towns across the UK, finishing in Leeds at Compass Festival in November 2016. Find out more and book your free place at the screening. 

Compass Festival returns 16 - 25 November 2018 with ten days of free live art events in public places in Leeds. Locations range from water taxis to courtrooms, galleries and bus stations to a street where you live, or one just like it. www.compassliveart.org.uk/festival