The UK's leading fully choreographed drag cabaret venue, Viaduct Showbar, has
embarked on it’s biggest refurbishment to date. Now, after 8 years of incredible success; a
complete brand overhaul and half a million pounds of cash investment, this iconic venue has
created an entertainment experience that will surpass all expectations.

Viaduct Showbar will be re-opening its doors to the public onFriday 29th June
2018, with an exciting new look; boasting a state of the art sound & lighting system, dazzling
new shows, fully integrated TV & video interaction, a full re-design of the entire interior lay-
out and the legendary International Viaduct Showgirls. Expect hot boys, sexy girls and a
whole lot of fun.

VIP and press launch will be hosted on Thursday 28th June 2018 - for guest list information

This extensive refurbishment adds to the depth of money being invested into Leeds as a
ongoing and growing entertainment led city. City entrepreneur and owner Michael Rothwell
said “I have always wanted to take the Viaduct to the next level in 'showbar glamour' and looked at the investment as another exciting design challenge to enhance this already
successful business”.

Company Operations Director Phil Oldershaw told us “What we deliver for those visiting
from Leeds, Yorkshire or around the world has people queueing up the street and certainly
puts our city firmly on the map, being uniquely cutting edge in the eyes of drag cabaret
entertainment. Locals and tourists alike, week after week, are blown away by breath-taking
costumes, choreographed routines and endless glamour”.

Renowned choreographer Francesca MacDuff Varley, who has just finished filming for Jane
McDonalds ‘Jane and Friends’ airing on Channel 5 in July, has worked tirelessly with the
show team to ensure that guests are in for a real treat of camp, splendour and endless
choreographed performances to leave its guests in awe. The International Viaduct Showgirls
& Boys really are the stars of the show in this memorable venue.

‘RuPaul' eat your heart out as the International Viaduct Showgirls embrace the new Viaduct
Showbar in Leeds and say ‘Shante, We Stay, Bring Back the Girls!