An interview with musician Paul Stone ahead of Leeds Pride 🏳️‍🌈


Why don’t you start by giving us a bit of background about yourself and your singing history? 
I have been a musician all life. I went to Leeds college of music and met some fantastic musicians there which was just the start. Later in life, I formed what is now called The Modern Big Band. 

Effectively now I have a fantastic lifestyle doing what I love performing all over the world with a big band at private events, for charities, film premieres and so on! I really do get my kick from being a live musician and I’m very passionate about what I do.


You’ve worked with some big names in the industry, who was one of your favourites and why? 
It’s hard to choose just one so I’ll say that the first exposure on Radio 2 with Paul O’Grady was a real sense of achievement.

The most memorable part would be sat in Diane Warrens office in Los Angles. Diane Warren is an American Songwriter, she rose to prominence in 1983 and has since written songs for and with multiple music artists, as well as for several films. She referred to me as an artist for the first time and that was just such a wonderful thing to hear. 


You’ve released a cover of Take That’s Could it be Magic this year for Leeds Pride, what made you choose that song? 
I think the album I put together, self-funded and recorded with my big band felt that now was the right time to put it out there.

The song is great itself, it’s quirky, fun there is a great energy about it and perfect to go along with pride! You can listen to the song here: 


Are you looking forward to your performance this year at Leeds Pride and why? 
Unbelievably excited, every year I have been and watched and thought I’d love to be on the stage and perform for the audiences. To be part of a fantastic city and really looking forward! 


For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words:
Vintage, Classy, Quirky, Fun, Cross-Over! 


Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?
Myself and The Modern big band were invited to perform at the premier of LA LA Land in London and the premiere of the popular film Whiplash and I'm also on Alan Carr and Mels Radio2 show this Saturday to promote the new album. 


Thank you for taking the time out to talk to us Paul, we're looking forward to seeing you perform at Leeds Pride this weekend! 

Paul Stone & The Modern Big Band 'Live At Grosvenor House' London