National Student Pride: Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander on the Panel!

You may or may not have already seen some of our articles surrounding the upcoming National Student Pride on 24th - 26th February. 

We've just received word that Olly Alexander is going to be debating sex education at this years National Student Pride!! He is the lead singer of the popular band Years and Years

It's all going to take place on Saturday 25th event at University of Westminster’s Marylebone campus as part of our weekend of events also hosted with G-A-Y. 

A loud and proud LGBT activist, the openly gay singer has previously spoken out at events, including Glastonbury Festival, about the fact that LGBT people “know what it’s like to be scared. We know what it’s like to live with fear; It’s part of our every day”.

National Student Pride spokesperson Charlie-Ann Mathers said “Olly is SUCH a BAE, I’m so excited to have him at the event. I just know it will bring so much important attention to Sex and Relationships education. Speaking to students in the build up to the event has shown how important it is that they finally get the SRE they deserve.”

Joining the panel will be:

Cliff Joannou - Attitude Editor (Chair)
Sarah Nimmo - Popstar
Lexi Jean Munroe - Albert Kennedy Trust
Deborah Gold - National Aids Trust Chief Executive

Speaking ahead of the panel, Lexi Jean Munroe said:

“They never discussed anything about that to me which was rather shocking itself not knowing enough information about sexualities and gender. They never mentioned LGBT relationships sex it's rather mind boggling isn't it?”