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Lauren, a student from Leeds Beckett University is carrying out a research project which is an exploration of sexual experiences. In particular, sexual experiences which take place when at least one person(s) was under the influence of recreational drugs and/ or alcohol in comparison to when sober (I have provided more information on the project below). She is interested in recruiting a diverse sample of men and women who have different sexual identities and backgrounds. One of the main focus points of her thesis is around gender and sexuality, for example, understanding the positive and negative sexual experiences - that take place when sober, under the influence of alcohol and/ or drugs - of LGBTQ* individuals who are often underrepresented in this type of research. 

Ultimately, the findings from the research will enable her to have a greater understanding of people’s different sexual experiences after drinking alcohol and taking drugs, which is useful in its own right, but also can help to inform future public health strategies. The findings from this study will help to provide evidence-based advice for policymakers around sexual consent and anti-sexual violence campaigns, particularly when either person has drunk alcohol or taken drugs. Moreover, the inclusion of non-heterosexual individuals (as well as heterosexual individuals) in the project means that we can gain further understanding of how sexual violence may occur in these underrepresented groups as well as providing a foundation for the development of evidence-based anti-sexual assault prevention messages which are tailored to LGB needs. 

The study has received full ethical approval from the Faculty of Health and Social Science’s Ethics Committee at Leeds Beckett University. This study will contribute to and be written up for my doctoral thesis.

If you are interested in taking part and helping contribute to the findings of this amazing project, please drop us an email at l.m.smith@leedsbeckett.ac.uk or editor@freedomquarter.com