Leeds LGBT+ Business Alliance


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I was delighted last week to visit ASDA not for my weekly big shop but to their headquarters building for the launch of the Leeds LGBT+ Business Alliance. Leeds City Council’s guiding principle is to have a strong economy in a compassionate city and I recognise that LGBT+ people already make a big contribution the success of many of the cities successful firms. 

The alliance started as part of the LGBT+ Community Hub, which is where the City Council and the LGBT+ community come together. It was identified that a business alliance would be a powerful way of improving the experiences of LGBT+ people in the city, help develop careers and work with employers in the city and make Leeds somewhere that talented and creative LGBT+ people want to come and work.

80% of the workforce in Leeds is employed in the private sector the alliance is aimed at establishing a strong business partnership able to share good practice on being inclusive employers and welcoming places to LGBT+ customers alongside the hub’s work on community engagement with the council and other public sector organisations.

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I am keen to see support for LGBT+ owned and managed businesses to start, grow and be successful within the city and give people the confidence to forge ahead in business.

Finally, I was really pleased to see the proposals to help businesses support LGBT+ groups and charities with funding and practical support, many businesses are committed to corporate social responsibility and the alliance can provide a route to put this into action for the benefit of LGBT+ community organisations.

As the council’s LGBT+ community champion, I am always proud to see new developments and initiative that make our LGBT+ community stronger and richer and I look forward to the business alliance going from strength to strength.

Twitter: @LGBTBusinessLDS

Cllr James Lewis