An LBT+ Womens Social Network needs your help for votes for a grant award


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You don't have a tribe of friends to call your own? You're missing out, come join in the fun with our fellow gay women in Leeds, Yorkshire. 

Lesbian Socials is a queer womens social space and we have a membership across Yorkshire that is over a thousand women and growing from the LBTQI community. These are the women who will benefit from funding two things:

A NEW ONLINE PLATFORM – we aim to build our own dedicated social platform for all our events for a few reasons. 
* Have complete security that each activated profile on the platform will belong to someone that has been met in person. No more fake profiles.
* Be able to control the actions of the very few people who become malicious, spread hate crime and death threats by being able to act immediately instead of relying on others (meetup support) to properly shut down their account at the IP level.
* Have grass root community hubs, that anyone can start that spread across the region and beyond. This means that anyone moving into the area, recently split with their partner or finds they need a new social network of friends .. we all will be able to find other queer women.
* Be self-financing within 2 years by charging each member a subscription to view and attend our events.
* To have online advertising space, for any and all LBTQI businesses. 

A WOMENS SPACE AT LEEDS PRIDE 2018 – We believe that all Prides should have a dedicated womens space and we want this again for 2018 at Leeds, the biggest pride event for the Yorkshire & Humber region. For Leeds Pride 2016 we found a small amount of funding and a free venue during the day, so we know that there is a desire for a womens space of our own. A space we feel free and safe to be ourselves. 

Please vote to help us secure funding to have a safe womens space to celebrate our lives and loves at Leeds Pride 2018.