Friends of Dorothy: The Ruby Slipper Ball 2018


FoD’s focus
Combatting isolation and loneliness among older gay people, and promoting intergenerational communication within the gay communities isn’t just a gay issue, it’s a societal/civic one. How we deal with this issue says a lot about us (the wider community): our values and priorities, our belief in inclusion, the idea that diversity is one of the community’s greatest strengths. Everyone’s life is better if everyone’s life is better. 

After all, gay people aren’t just gay people. It’s not our job to be witty and stylish and fun at parties - they’re just hobbies we’re very good at. Gay people are valuable members of a diverse community, and older gay people have contributed to the well-being (and tax coffers) of society for over 40 years. As teachers, health care professionals, civil servants, shop assistants, and the rest. Gay older people, like all older people, deserve recognition and thanks for the part they’ve played, and continue to play, in their communities and society. And even if they hadn’t - because life isn’t a transaction - helping/supporting them is the right thing to do.

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