Drip at The Holbeck


drip fq web.jpg

DRIP, a one-man musical comedy is touring across the UK and will be at The Holbeck, Leeds on March the 10th. DRIP is produced by Script Club and Boundless Theatre, written by Tom Wells (words) and Matthew Robins (music).  

The show is a joyful celebration of LGBTQ+ teenagers, beautifully crafted and packed with enough wit and charm to power the glitter canon at the end of each performance, and then some. DRIP tells the story of Liam, a proudly out, but otherwise slightly awkward 15-year-old in Hull who inadvertently ends up in a Synchronised Swimming team. But he can’t swim...!

 In his determination to be a good friend to ‘Best Mate Caz’ (who founded the team in a final bid to win the annual school project prize), Liam finds himself at his first Pride parade, learning to swim, falling for lifeguard Josh, hiding out in changing rooms, falling out with Caz and learning to be true to himself.

Drip has been made with queer teenagers in Hull and the original production was supported by Hull City Council and presented as part of Hull UK City of Culture.

 ‘…the play speaks to the kids who don’t get invited to the cool parties, the ones for whom seeing gay characters without a bully in tow is a rarity. In its understated awkwardness, Drip finds moments to glow’ (The Guardian)

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