Leeds Photographers Launch ‘Celebrity’ Style Photoshoots at Bar Fibre Penthouse


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Would you like to be photographed like a celebrity?

Portrait photographers Lincoln Roth and Perrin Read from Roth Read Photography have teamed up with Bar Fibre in Leeds to offer a brand new ‘celebrity’ style photoshoot.

For your fashionable photoshoot you gain private access to Fibre’s exclusive Penthouse renowned for its plush fabrics, bold colours and stunning lighting effects.

And that’s not all - Fibre provide Champagne and deliver the VIP treatment so you can invite more friends to meet up afterwards.

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"The Fibre-Penthouse Collection is a completely unique creation. Rather than merely going for a photoshoot in a studio, it allows individuals to visit new spaces and take beautiful pictures in a place which they may never have previously visited. Here at Fibre, we call ourselves the 'Fibre Family' and it is amazing that through these photoshoots, we are able to extend our family even further" - Penthouse and Events Manager.

The Personal Touch

Lincoln and Perrin have a personal Consultation with each client, so everyone gets to know one another, and any nerves are turned into excitement. They want to offer their clients more than just a typical studio photoshoot:

“The Penthouse is a stunning location which creates amazing backdrops“, Lincoln told us “so our clients receive something rather special to hang on their walls”.

“We really love inspiring people to feel confident in their skin” added Perrin.  “We help everyone with posing techniques and it’s wonderful to see how uplifted they are at the end of a shoot. Basically, we just have a load of fun”.

Two weeks later, you’ll receive 20 (12x8”) matted images from your photography experience. To add that extra special touch, your pictures will be presented in an Italian hand crafted leatherette Reveal Box. 

This photoshoot experience can also be booked with a partner or up to three friends, so you can all share the fun. 

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Book your Photoshoot

All Fibre App Users receive an exclusive offer of £401 towards their photoshoot by simply clicking on Affiliates, following the Roth Read Photography link and quoting FIBRE401 at the top of their enquiry.

You can also find out more about the experience or book your consultation with Lincoln and Perrin, by getting in touch as follows:

Call: 07704139037 | 07790753852
Email: contact@rothreadphotography.com
Contact online: https://www.rothreadphotography.com/contact-us