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Danny Silk blogs for Freedom Quarter covering sports, health, reviews and product information. He asked his partner to marry him over the Christmas period and we’re going to be blogging about the journey to the big day! Congratulations!
— A Word from the editor


OUR JOURNEY started over a year ago when I met Matt and on Christmas Day 2017 I asked Matt if he wanted to marry me! Knowing we hadn’t been together long, something was different about this one and I wanted to spend the rest of our lives together! Without hesitation Matt agreed to marry me, but did I really know what to expect? Had every Disney film made my expectations of a ‘happy ever after’ too high? The sudden realization began to hit home of what was to come over the next 18 months…but I knew I had Matt to be a part of this adventure.

One thing we knew was that we wanted was to make this an event for both friends and family, leave nobody out who wanted to celebrate with us; both old and new friends were welcome. This was our wedding! If we wanted to do something, we would do it!

I quickly chose my ‘Best Men’ and my ‘Bro’s-Maid’ and so did Matt.

The first bit of advice we received from one of my Best Men was “Be prepared for the all the loonies to come out of the woodworks. It's not the noisy ones you need to be aware of, but the quiet ones”… it happened within days!

I wanted one person to be there who is a very special family member to me, but to be told: “It’s against my religious beliefs I cannot come to a gay wedding”. This person (who I won’t name) had been to every other member of my family’s weddings, my aunties, uncles and cousins. I could not understand why, after all, aren’t we living in a modern society, this isn’t some third world-country; this isn’t a backwards state in America. This is Leeds where I was born and bred, I was raised with morals and taught to treat people, and how I would expect to be treated in return! I refused to accept this and so did many other members of the family. This did hurt, this wasn’t expected it is not a generation thing and to say it is allowing people to get away with bigotry and homophobia. Society has progressed from the days of electric shock therapy and I could not get my head around that this family member was not going to be there, but still claims to love me.

Though I want them there… I will NOT let them spoil this day for me! This day is Matt’s and mine, nobody else’s!

Anyway coming back to us…

We discussed the engagement party after a quick call to a good friend has allowed us to use his venue on Call Lane, in Leeds. What started off with fewer than 100 guests quickly increased to shy of 200!

Every day we remember someone else, or someone who we have invited wants to bring a plus one! The venue we chose was Cuckoo, this is a fun venue and new to the Leeds bar scene, which will be able to cater for all the guests. This night was the first opportunity for the majority of my family to meet Matt’s family and friends to meet friends! Having a light pizza buffet, we are kicking off the night at 7pm and let's see who is still standing at 4am. The engagement party was the easiest thing to organize, a quick call, and an event created on Facebook and a call or text to those few who aren’t on Facebook. Knowing full well the wedding will not be so easy!


But what was to come was an eye-opener… Planning the wedding!!

Date of the Wedding? Venue? Guests? Indoor? Outdoor? Food? Drink? So may questions that seem to be endless.

With this blog of our journey I will be documenting my experiences, emotions, people we meet on the way, venues we visit and finally decide to choose, the suits we chose to wear, to the first song!

I know this has all been done before and gets done daily across the globe but this is our journey, our adventure and we want it to be as special for us and to our guests, as much as possible and us!!

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