Sober 10 - St George’s Crypt - Tom Fitzsimons

Tom Fitzsimons with his medals.JPG

Tom Fitzsimons is celebrating 10 years of sobriety by running 10 marathons over 10 days in 10 cities, raising money for a Leeds based homeless charity, finishing in London for the Challenge Cup final to coincide with his last drink.

Tom’s last drink, at the Challenge Cup final 2007 on 27th August, forms the foundation for this remarkable challenge. Taking the 10 year anniversary and owning it this feat of human endurance, 262.19 miles over 10 days to be exact, is testament to the journey this man has run.

Fundraising for St George’s Crypt, a local Leeds homeless charity that focuses on rehabilitation, recovery and long-term positive goals, ties in with the message that Tom is trying to get across; that there is a massive need for supportive services that care, that provide a safe space to help and support people through their issues and help them find a stable foundation to build some sort of sustainable and positive life beyond alcoholism and drug addiction.