Job Opportunities in Leeds City Council


One of the biggest employers in the city Leeds City Council, despite 7 years of austerity, still recruits about 1,000 new members of staff each year to replace people who have left because they reached retirement or have found other jobs. Many council services are not 'outsourced' but are delivered by council staff and are vital to the life of the city, for example looking after people in social care and collecting the cities rubbish and many other roles in the organisation.  

We want the workforce of the Council to be like the big city and diverse population that we all serve and we are building up staff networks to empower and support staff who are BME, disabled, women, LGBT+ or have caring responsibilities because we want people to feel that the council is a good employer  for everyone. Most of our services covered by colleagues on lower pay grades also offer personal development opportunities for those that are interested. Our staff network newsletter gives a flavour of how we hope to achieve this and if you are looking for work or a change of job I would encourage you look at the vacancies open in the Council.

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Cllr James Lewis