Juno Dawson: "The Gender Games" Book signing and meet & greet


15th June 2017 @ Waterstones 93-97 Albion Street
18:30pm - 19:00pm
£3 or free with a valid NUS card

The amazing, multi award winning author, colluminist and TV panilist who is Yorkshire born and bred (Bingley to be specific), JUNO DAWSON is coming home to Leeds as part of a tour for her new book, "The Gender Games".

Here is her bio about the book; 
"This is going to be MAJOR and I’m going to be invading your consciousness for much of June I’m afraid. My face will be all over the shop, but most importantly I’m hitting the road for a whistle-stop tour. I’m hoping as many of you as possible will be able to get along and join the conversation. Limited notions of what boys and girls should do have screwed me over my whole life – and I’m guessing you too. Come along and let’s talk gender and what we can do to make things better for the next generation."

You need to ring Waterstone's in Leeds to book your FREE ticket, but lets create the biggest home crowd possible as this amazing person comes home for one night/day only.

To find out more head to; http://www.junodawson.com/2017/05/02/gender-games-live/