The Leeds Hunters raise £1,255 for MESMAC

The Hunters have chosen the Yorkshire Mesmac counselling service as our chosen charity to support, so this was the first event we've coordinated to raise funds for them.

Asides from events the players are also paying a little extra in monthly subs which is going directly to support this service.

It's a provision from MESMAC that isn't a commissioned service, so fundraising & donations such as this are critical in enabling them to provide much needed counselling for young LGBT+ people, and those facing crisis. 


The meal was supported by individuals, but also groups including The Leeds Hunters, Yorkshire Terriers, Leeds Gay Men, Barnardos, The Leeds Frontrunners & the Yorkshire Relish Dining group.

Aaron Chady, a member of the MESMAC team said: 

"I'm really proud that we've been able to raise such a significant amount of money to help this service from Yorkshire Mesmac, and so very grateful to the restaurant Tharavadu for their generosity in supporting the event by donating the food and staff time, in addition to gaining sponsorship for the bar take to also be donated.

Knowing some of the pressures that young LGBT+ people go through, both on a personal level and from being part of the LGBT+ community I'm glad that we're able to make a contribution towards keeping this vital service going from Yorkshire Mesmac"