TENSILE: Techno event @ Beaverworks!


We caught up with the promoter for this event this week and we've secured 25 FREE tickets! If you'd like to get your hands on some send us an email: hello@freedomquarter.com

The first install of tensile presents Nick Dunton (Poverty is Violence/Surface) and Charlton (Poverty is Violence/Mord) as their newly joint-run label 'Poverty is Violence' begins to take shape. Early releases have maintained an element of mystery and intrigue releasing both anonymous artists and lesser-spotted producers, something that resonates with the tensile ethos. Quality and innovation without all of the usual blah!

Casual Violence returns to Leeds with a big warm welcome, still very much forging his own unique sonic path with releases on Zhark Recordings Berlin, Rodez Konez, Singularity to name but a few…
Elon Thun will be debuting their live set in what can only described as an inimitable fashion bringing unheard and fresh techno to the floor (watch/listen to this space…)
Ben W opens up tensile in the main room with his welcoming collection of shades and sounds.

The tensile backroom is headed up by a collection of local talent historically connected to the Leeds and Manchester techno/house scenes with:

Joel Sutcliffe - Process Manchester
Kerrie - Easter Bloc
Alex T - On Rotation
Horror Brawl - Digital Distortions
Sputnik - Leeds

Come One Come All…