🏉 The Leeds Hunters - 8th April 2017 🏉


For most of the UK, Saturday 8th will be remembered as the day that the sun decided to return. For the Leeds Hunters and supporters, it’ll be remembered as the day we took on Manchester Spartans Third Team. Having spent the weeks beforehand practising in preparation for the match, we were determined to show off what we were capable of.

Both teams turned up to Weetwood Sports Park on Saturday in full force ready for the match ahead. It was apparent that the match was going to be a hard one for all due to the sudden change in weather but nevertheless, The Leeds Hunters were not going down without a fight. From the first moment, both teams fought hard to secure the first try but it wasn’t long before The Hunters took an early lead, leaving a strong feeling by the end of the first half that we were on to a win.

The second half brought along its difficulties though. The Manchester Spartans were not taking defeat lightly and came back stronger, pushing back harder and making every run faster than before, tiring out the already fatigued Hunters. After a few quick successive tries from the Spartans, it was make or break for Hunters, and we certainly weren’t about to give up.

Through the heat the match continued, both teams struggling with fatigue but both heavily motivated with more tries and conversions being scored. But before long, the whistle was blown and The Leeds Hunters had won. Following many congratulations for both teams, Weetwood’s bar was surrounded with happy players and supporters enjoying the great British Summer (a whole day of it!). It’s obvious that our confidence as a team is growing and our win is testimony to that. So if you have yet to see a Leeds Hunters match, it’s high time that changed, because it’s only ever going to get better for us.

FINAL SCORE:43 -15 to Hunters!!