Dan & His Love for Beard Stickers!


"I'm Dan, an independent 20 year old graphic designer and illustrator, I was born in Italy and I've always had a passion for male fashion! I work on a lot of passion projects, recently I've grown to love beards and bearded men, so I decided to show my love by creating some stickers to represent it. It's really hard to get a project funded as an independent illustrator, even harder when you're as young as I am, I would love to get your help on producing these stickers and getting them to you and all beard lovers! They are made with high-quality vinyl, they are water and weather proof and last up to 10 years even outside, perfect for a bike, a car or whatever you like!"


Love your beard, have a friend who does? These are the perfect stickers for you!

Inspired by the bearded community, with these awesome stickers you'll be able to show everyone your love for beards! 

All designs are hand drawn from scratch and then digitally made in vector to provide the highest fidelity and quality when printing.

Printed on high-quality vinyl, with UV resistant coating, water and weather proofed, 3 inches in width.

These will be your awesome rewards for your generous support!

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