Johnny Clarke - Why do Gay Men Dominate the Fashion World?


Why do Gay men Dominate the Fashion World?

There are a few straight editors, the odd PR and that's pretty much it. Most of the photographers are straight, and that's understandable. Their job is all about the objectification of women. The rest of us live up to the cliche - gay men dominate fashion. 

Take the classic USA hit Ugly Betty, the stereotypical world of fashion world right? Wrong it pretty much is the real world with added sass and drama. Who wouldn't love a duo like Mark and Wilhelmina Slater?

Gay men are obsessed with youth through lust and fear: lust for what we covet and fear of what we will inevitably lose. To keep hold of it, there is a standard attire that has varied little across the decades of the modern gay life. Of course, any man can wear a T-shirt and jeans, but it takes a surprising amount of effort to maintain the look well. You see straight friends at the weekend who wear a suit all day at work. They will be in a T-shirt, but it will be some shapeless t-shirt they have had for years in the bottom of their wardrobe. They might have some old jeans. Nowadays straight men are looking up to us gays and taking tips without us knowing. They are now opting for that 'Slim' or the more eye-catching on the abs 'Muscle' Tees and venturing out for those actually fashionable jeans.

It just goes to show that gay men appear to know what they are doing with fashion, even if they don't. Hence the belief that gay men are more fashionable. 

Designers such as Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors or Zac Posen rarely talk about, or are asked about, their boyfriends. Well, Marc seems to be a little open after his previous debut of his rear end on Instagram a while back! All in all, you see so many straight celebs lives aired but never gays?
You could say that this is a good thing as designers are not meant to be celebrities, and shouldn't be expected to reveal details of their personal lives. this feels more like an example of the escape and avoidance that can be a feature of the gay man.

fashion embraces homosexuality then helps to hide it, the industry has been some sort of safe haven. So just think the next time you wear Dsquared2 the designers are gay, Tom Ford is Gay to name a few, embrace the power us gays have in Fashion and why it needs to be celebrated more and just watch the straight boys take leafs from our books step by step.


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