Jack Mac: Yorkshire Terriers

In my last article I promoted by football team, Yorkshire Terriers FC. Well, I’m dragging it out over two blog entries now…

So for those of you who were wondering how you can get involved with the Terriers just keep on reading!

On the 19 th March, Yorkshire Terriers FC are hosting their annual Yorkshire 5-a- side tournament, where LGBT* football teams from around the country as well as regular local teams come together for a day of football whilst nursing the hangovers of the night before. If you’ve not played football before or if it’s been a few years, then 5-a- side could be a great way for you to get into it! So if you want to come meet the lads and get involved in our tournament then why not get in touch with the

Terriers on Social Media and we will put you in a team with other, ‘more established’ Terriers! If you can’t make this then we have regular training sessions and matches twice a week so get in touch with us on social media and we will be back in touch and arranging when we can get you down to your first training session!

As I said in my last article the benefits of joining a new sports team physically, mentally and socially can be huge and they certainly were for me. So to quote a Yorkshire Terriers veteran and a good friend of mine, Rob Graham;

‘If you’re gay, go play football. Join the Yorkshire Terriers. Join your local Sunday league pub team. Play five-a- side with your friends, college or work. It doesn’t matter who you play with and who you play for. Go play football, you’ll love it.’

Finally, thank you for reading this we looking forward to seeing you at the Yorkshire Tournament on March 19th or on the tournament night out, Saturday 18th March!


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