Ben Courtney: Leeds Hunters First Game

So now that the fat git with the red hat has buggered back to the North Pole, we all can be delighted that it’s cold and wet, everyone is skint and that New Year resolution of losing 10kgs has gone out the window as we drink ourselves silly in the knowledge that it is President Trump from now on.

“But Ben” I hear you cry, “there must be something that can lift out spirits?” Well yes, yes there can. On Saturday the 28th Jan. Yorkshire’s LGBT Rugby team the Leeds Hunters will play their first ever game at home to Yarnbury.

Mixing youth and experience and drop of sass for good luck, it is going to be an historic day for LGBT sport in the region.

With a good crowd expected, please come along and add your voice to those cheering the boys on. For a few this will be their first ever game or rugby, so all support will be welcome.

The game will kick off at 11am Saturday 28th Jan at the University of Leeds Sports ground in Weetwood.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Until Next time…Go Hunters!!!

Sport & HealthEditor