DAZL Youth Dance Company - LGBT Inspired Piece

The Dance Action Zone Leeds (DAZL) group have been working on a dance piece surrounding the theme of LGBT launching January 2017.  

The piece explores false social perceptions of the LGBT community based on their gender and sexuality. Through the lens of LGBT young people, the work follows a journey of self-discovery by overcoming prejudice and discrimination to finding self-worth, empowerment and acceptance. 

The music which accompanies the work is a mix of iconic LGBT anthems. The youth company are all from Leeds, aged from 14-19yrs and are made up of gay, bi and straight young people. 

They have done lots of research chatting to other LGBT young people, attending pride event, endless hours of documentaries/ discussion based workshops and the young people's own experiences. This work focuses on all LGBT youths but with an extra focus on transgender young people.

We are receiving more information about this project by the week so expect some updates along the way! 

Follow them on their social media platforms below: 

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