Liz's LGBT Fight for Asylum

Liz is a Ugandan lesbian and she is asking the UK to protect her from the persecution she faced in her home country. Liz was arrested in Uganda after being found in bed with her long term partner. She was arrested by the Ugandan police, charged and then bailed. The press got hold of the story and reported it in the national newspaper. She was named nationally as a sexual deviant and a criminal. She managed to leave the UK before her case was called to court. 

Liz went to the charity ‘No Going Back’, for free specialist legal representation. They specialise solely in LGBT asylum. No Going Back prepared her case and submitted extensive evidence, but it was sadly refused. The refusal from the Home Office contained endless errors and ignored key evidence. To save Liz they have lodged an appeal. 

No Going Back has booked leading LGBT barrister, Mr. Chelvan from No. 5 Chambers in London for Liz's appeal. They are asking you to support Liz by making a donation. We don't have much time, so take action today. By making a donation you are saving Liz's life and giving her a chance to be able to love whoever she wants. 

On 18 October 2016 at the First Tier Tribunal in Bradford, Liz will appeal her asylum refusal. We don't want her to face this alone. No Going Back need to raise £1875 to pay for her barrister's fee. We have less then 12 days to do this. They need your donations now!

To donate online please visit Liz’s Neighbourly Fundraising page by clicking the link right HERE!

You can see more of what do 'No Going Back'

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