🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ film in production in Yorkshire 🏳️‍🌈

🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ film in production in Yorkshire 🏳️‍🌈


We have some exciting news about a heartwarming powerful true story that is being filmed in Northern England which is set in the 1950’s about what must have been the first steps towards gay pride.

The film Once a Year on Blackpool Sands will not only make you laugh and cry but will bring out every emotion possible including a few you never knew you had. A fresh new LGBTQ Indie Once a Year on Blackpool Sands is a moving comedy-drama about the love, identity and courage of the LGBTQ community during what must have been the first walk towards Gay Pride in 1950s Northern England.

This heart warming story is based on the real-life events of Yorkshire coal miners and secret gay lovers, Tommy and Eddy, who spend their annual week holiday at a quirky B & B in Blackpool, along with a few other alternative members of society – the transgender Mr. Elbridge, the ex-show girl Red Ethel and the eccentric owner Gladys and her flirty daughter Maureen. The film takes us on a rollercoaster journey through the North of England to the beaches of Greece, as we follow each character’s fight for equality and freedom in an age that still deemed being gay, or “different” as a crime.  Our protagonists find courage in one another's bravery and initiate the first walks towards gay pride in the UK as they walk the length of Blackpool pier, defying prejudice and abuse. As we grow to love our characters, we grow to learn that without the courage and bravery of individuals throughout history, we would not be where we are today. We want to tell this story to the world.

The Production

We premiere in Hebden Bridge in November and LA in December this year with this wonderful true story. Karlton Parris the very talented writer and director and owner of Baby Dog Films has taken this to stage in both the UK and America and now after its Broadway smash hit and UK success is bringing this to the big screen.

It’s a promising production with exciting potential as we are already gaining interest from the LGBTQ community both in Manchester and New York as we celebrate our history and bravery from a fresh perspective. It is also a thrilling time for the UK film industry in the North as it becomes more inclusive and recognized for producing some of the best films showcased in recent years (just look at the success of the gay love story Gods Own Country)

If there was ever a true example of a passion project where a local Yorkshire cast of talented actors and film crew are making a truly ambitious 1950s period drama then please take a look at this film.

The cast have been selected from the crème de la crop UK talent including a special appearance by Steven Arnold who played Ashley in the well loved Coronation Street. The film includes a lot of the plays original cast, so each member breathes their characters and is fully invested in the story from the very beginning, which means that the on screen performances and chemistry are authentic, honest and deeply rich.

We’ve also brought together a skilled, professional crew from around the UK, with each member bringing a wealth of experience, enthusiasm and passion to the film to help make this film a reality.

This triumphant heart lifting comedy is currently filming in Idle Village, Bradford with a cast of 86 telling the true story of Yorkshire coal miners Tommy and Eddy a few days after the Queens Coronation whilst on holiday in Blackpool during the wakes week shut down instigated the first walk towards gay pride in England.

Writer director Karlton Parris who met real life Tommy and Eddy in Greece in 1984 and to whom this inspirational story was told and the people of Yorkshire have taken this story to the heart. A whole community has mobilized. The film’s progress so far has largely been due to the Writer/Director’s personal investments and the honourable belief and support of our cast, crew and friends. 

Help Make a Moment in Film
Once a Year on Blackpool Sands is a small budgeted film telling a big story. We want to share this beautiful authentic true story with the world and we were hoping the public could help us do that

Like a small budget film we are running a crowd funding appeal where from as little as £1 the public can help make a moment in film and local businesses across Yorkshire can be rewarded with a thank you for just £25 .In addition we are offering a digital copy of the film for a £50 donation ( you could be one of the first to get a copy) and for £150 you can get a thank you credit on the film and a special invite to the premiere screening and production updates and news

People can donate to this wonderful production by following the crowd funding link below: https://bit.ly/2G2p31C

From Yorkshire to LA

As we have a wealth of talent within this amazing cast we are holding a fund raising event weekend on the 27th /28th April ‘Baby Dog Films From Yorkshire to LA’. The weekend starts off on the Saturday with a Variety Show being held at Yeadon Town Hall, Leeds which will be a spectacular night of song and dance with a film theme including some of the cast from the film and this is being twinned in LA. Then, on Sunday 28th there will be a sponsored ‘Walk with Phyllis’(which is the optimum part and heart of the film) in Leeds with one of the main actors Dominic McCavish leading the walk The ‘Walk with Phyllis’ is also being held Nationwide with walks in Manchester, London and New York soon after with dates to be confirmed.

Dom playing James Elbridge ‘Phyllis’ one of the people who walked from the North to the South Pier in Blackpool said

‘Over half a century ago the walk from North to South Pier in Blackpool was a rite of passage for the transgender men to walk free as their true selves. One of these men was the person I play James Elbridge. Each of them risked ridicule and social ruin but felt compelled to make the walk nonetheless, it gives me great pleasure and it is an enormous privilege to walk in their brave footsteps.’ 

We are also holding a Monologue Weekend ‘Letters of Note’ on 11th and 12th May at The Bradford Playhouse and then at a theatre in Manchester which is based on the many letters Karlton received by gay men and women (after the success of the Once a Year on Blackpool Sands tour in UK and off Broadway) who lived through that era. You can join our talented cast in the telling of these heart breaking stories which will be a night to remember.

From Saltaire to LA
There is also another amazing story that comes with this.11 aspiring actors who started the art of acting together in cobbled streets of Saltaire at Victoria Hall by a very extraordinary coincidence found themselves cast in the same Karlton Parris indie film ‘Once a Year on Blackpool Sands’. It is such an amazing feeling for these friends to be part of this authentic powerful film and to go from the small village of Saltaire in West Yorkshire to be premiering in LA is a dream come true for them. They are all so proud to be part of this gem of a UK film.

Once a Year on Blackpool Sands is a truly a wonderful film and a credit to the UK film industry.

For all the exciting news and updates on Once a Year on Blackpool Sands you can visit the Baby Dog Films website: https://www.babydogfilms.co.uk/

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