The name 'Freedom Quarter' derives from two separate segments. The 'Freedom' part comes from the LGBT+ community areas, and the Bridge in-between Fibre & Viaduct, which has now been painted to match the colours of the pride flag and named 'Freedom Bridge'. 

The 'Quarter' comes from Leeds City Council itself. With other areas of the city assigned to quarters, we felt it was fitting to have one of our very own.

It can be said that this is a landmark achievement, mainly for the fact that the community over the years alongside the council and public safety services have ensured we provide a safe space for all LGBT+ people. We're big on promoting inclusion of all walks of life, and this is something we feel is important in today's ever changing society. Looking to the future, there are hopes that there will never be issues for anyone anywhere. 

On that note, welcome to Freedom Quarter, Leeds newest branded area of the city centre. We've been working on some fresh and exciting new features to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of what we find to be great about this city.

Lose yourself in news, venues, attractions, and articles from our brand new bloggers and contributors. Find out about the latest events which are happening within the Quarter and beyond, or even if you're just wanting some information about the groups and services available to the community.